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Keep Your Boiler Running Smoothly with Expert Servicing from JB Heating Services

At JB Heating Services, our Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers are committed to keeping your boiler – be it gas or oil – in top working condition.
As Worcester Bosch accredited professionals, we have the skills and expertise to service and maintain a wide range of boiler models. Discover the benefits of regular boiler servicing and why you should choose JB Heating Services for all your boiler maintenance needs.

Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Annual boiler servicing is a wise precaution, we can ensure that your current system is operating to peak performance, ensure against Carbon Monoxide leaks and prolong its lifespan. Regular maintenance can also help prevent a system breakdown which can be expensive and never welcome.

Boiler Repairs

No matter what type of boiler your household has our team of experts can quickly diagnose and repair your boiler using quality components and parts, all work is covered with a 30 day labour and 1 year parts guarantee.

Boiler Repair

Benefits of Regular Boiler Servicing

Improved Efficiency

Regular servicing ensures that your boiler operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills.

Increased Reliability

A well-maintained boiler is less likely to experience unexpected breakdowns, ensuring consistent heating and hot water supply in your home.

Enhanced Safety

Routine servicing allows our engineers to detect and address potential safety issues, such as gas or oil leaks and carbon monoxide emissions, protecting your family and property.

Prolonged Lifespan

A properly serviced boiler has an extended life expectancy, providing years of reliable performance.

Guarantee or Warranty Compliance

Many boiler manufacturers require regular servicing to maintain the validity of their warranties, ensuring you remain covered in the event of any issues.

Reduced Repair Costs

Regular maintenance can help prevent minor issues from escalating into significant problems, ultimately saving you money on costly repairs.

Most Popular Questions

We understand that you may have questions regarding our services and to make your decision-making process easier, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions. We value your satisfaction and want to assure you that our team is always happy to provide clarity on any additional enquiries you may have.
Having your boiler serviced annually is recommended to maintain optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. Regular servicing also helps to identify potential issues before they become more severe and costly.

Yes, our Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers are qualified to service and maintain gas and oil boilers, ensuring the highest standards of expertise and safety.

During a boiler service, our engineers will inspect and clean various components, check for leaks or corrosion, test safety devices, assess combustion efficiency, and ensure the boiler operates within the manufacturer’s specifications.

A standard boiler service typically takes 1-2 hours, depending on the type and condition of your boiler.
Absolutely! As Worcester Bosch accredited engineers, we have the necessary training and expertise to service and maintain a wide range of Worcester Bosch boiler models.
If you suspect a leak, immediately turn off your boiler, open windows for ventilation, and contact JB Heating Services or another qualified engineer to inspect and address the issue. Refrain from fixing the problem yourself, as this could be dangerous.

Trust JB Heating Services for Your Boiler Servicing Needs

Choose JB Heating Services for your boiler servicing and experience peace of mind from working with a team of dedicated professionals. Contact us today to schedule your annual boiler service and ensure your system remains efficient, safe, and reliable for years.

Only use a GAS SAFE REGISTERED ENGINEER to FIT, FIX and SERVICE your gas appliances. Click here for more info.

Only use a OFTEC REGISTERED ENGINEER to FIT, FIX and SERVICE your oil appliances. Click here for more info.

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