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Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating your home typically constitutes 60% of your energy bill. Our air source heat pumps can operate up to four times more efficiently than your existing boiler, reducing the cost of your heating bill. This not only results in financial savings but also utilises fewer fossil fuels, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. Furthermore, these heat pumps offer the added benefit of providing cooling during the summer months, ensuring year-round comfort.

At JB Heating Rossendale, we collaborate with government schemes such as BUS (Boiler Upgrade Scheme), offering financial benefits for homeowners who want to embrace renewable energy solutions. By adopting these solutions, you play a role in creating a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

Worcester Bosch is also providing some great incentives, such as £2,500 cash back on Bosch heat pump installations, you can pre-register here.

Air source heat pumps require minimal maintenance, providing a reliable and hassle-free option for homeowners. You are required to have your heating system serviced on an annual basis to ensure that your system is operating efficiently.

Mitsubishi & Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

We are a registered Mitsubishi & Worcester Bosch installer for air source heat pumps. If you already have an air source heat pump installed and require an annual service, then you may wish to book a service with us, as a neglected heat pump can lose up to 25% of its working heat & efficacy.

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