Renewables Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government-funded financial program aimed at homeowners wishing to upgrade their central heating to a low carbon heating system, such as an Air Source Heat Pump.

You can receive up to £13,700 for installing either a biomass boiler, a solar water heating system or an Air/Ground Source Heat Pump. Most people opt for an Air Source Heat Pump because of its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ability to heat an entire large home to a comfortable level.

To register for the Renewable Heat Incentive, you first need to have installed your renewable heating system by using a Registered Mitsubishi Installer, such as ourselves.

You are required to have your heating system serviced on an annual basis to ensure that your system is operating efficiently. As a Registered Mitsubishi Installer, this is also a service that we offer for Air Source Heat Pumps. If you already have an Air Source Heat Pump installed and it is not currently being serviced, then you may wish to book a service seeing as a badly neglected heat pump can lose up to 25% of its heating efficacy.

There is no better time to apply for RHI… The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has been extended to the 31st of March, 2022. Click here to get a quote for installing an RHI qualifiable heating system.

Only use a GAS SAFE REGISTERED ENGINEER to FIT, FIX and SERVICE your gas appliances. Click here for more info.

Only use a OFTEC REGISTERED ENGINEER to FIT, FIX and SERVICE your oil appliances. Click here for more info.

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