Why Is My Boiler Noisy?

There are many sounds that your boiler might make, such as whining, banging, and gurgling. The majority of these are typical. But if they persist or worsen, they might indicate a problem.
The Sounds Your Boiler Can Make
Boiler noises can come from somewhere else entirely. However, a noisy boiler might mean that your gas boiler needs servicing or replacement by a professional. Here are some of the most common noises made by a failing boiler or one in need of immediate repair:

  • Gurgling: a common boiler sound caused by rushing water
  • Whooshing: this might indicate that the water pump is loose inside
  • Vibrating: this happens when the air intake or flue is blocked

Often, you can get rid of these annoying sounds by simply bleeding the radiators or resetting the boiler pressure. However, anything more intricate requires a professional touch.

Getting Help for a Noisy Boiler

You can sometimes fix standard boiler sounds like buzzing, banging, and humming by resetting the pressure gauge or bleeding your radiators. However, boilers are dangerous because they use gas and carbon monoxide. So an unqualified engineer can cause a potentially fatal leak. So, it’s in your best interests to always call a qualified reputable local boiler service for anything more challenging than restoring the pressure. A qualified and certified engineer will always get the job done professionally and safely. Meaning you don’t need to worry about gas leaks.


Your boiler may be noisy for many reasons, such as trapped air, low pressure, and boiler failure indicators. Contact your local boiler repair service if you hear any banging or whistling.

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