What Causes Low Boiler Pressure?

What Does a Boiler Service Include?

As the months wear on and we head into the colder season, it has us turning to ways to keep our homes warm. In a year when we are facing an energy crisis and price hike, it has never been so important to focus on what can be done in order to lessen our bills and makes our houses more efficient. One of the ways that you can do this is by servicing your boiler and ensuring it is running as efficiently as possible. Boiler services are easy to do yet many people forget to do it as often as required. If you are wondering if you should have a boiler service and just what it involves, we clear this up below.

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is when a Gas Safe registered engineer comes to have a look at the state of your boiler. They will have a full checklist of items to go through that ensures it is working as it should and is economical for you. A boiler service includes the following:

  • A visual check to ensure it all looks as it should
  • A clean of the essential parts
  • Checking for any blockages
  • Checking the gas pressure and flow

If the engineer finds that any components in the boiler aren’t working as they should, they will then look to undertake repairs and maintenance of this. Your service shouldn’t last more than half an hour (not counting repairs) and once it is over you should receive a full-service report detailing the findings.

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