Making A Choice Between Oil and LPG Boilers

Making A Choice Between An Oil Or An LPG Boiler

For many home owners throughout the UK, there are different options available when it comes to the type of boiler you can install. If your home is connected to the electricity and gas mains, you do have plenty of options open to you. But for the 4 million homes throughout the UK that are not connected, you are left with only a few choices available. You can get some insightful information on the different options available on the Energy Saving Trust website. However, the two main choices that you have available are fitting either an LPG or an Oil Boiler, so out of these two options, which one is the better choice?

Which Is the Cheaper Fuel?

To be honest, there is not a lot of difference in the cost of either fuel when compared together. Using either an Oil or LPG Boiler is more expensive than if you were connected to the main supply as a mains connection works out to be around 3.5p/kW. In comparison, the cost of LPG is around 6.5-7p/kW while the cost of Oil is slightly cheaper at around 6p/kW.

Whichever system you decide to use, it is important to note that you will also need to store your fuel supply. Many companies have options available to you for this but it does tie you into using the company’s services as they often will not let another company’s fuel in their storage tank. As such, it is important to shop around and choose a supplier with an excellent reputation.

The Cost Of The Boiler

The Cost Of The Boiler

There can be a significant difference between the costs of Oil or an LPG boiler, and you will also need to factor in the installation of the storage for your fuel as well as the cost of fitting the boiler. The average Oil boiler can cost around £1400 with installation being as much as £3000 including the installation of the storage tank. An LPG boiler will cost in the region of £800 and the cost of installation including the storage tank is typically around £4000. Each has an expected lifespan of around ten years so are comparable in this respect.

Ease Of Access

When you are looking to choose between these two options, one important consideration that you need to take into account is the ease of which you can have the fuel delivered. The costs of the boilers and the installation is similar as well as the expense of the fuel itself. So really, you will need to make your decision based on the ease that you can get your fuel delivered to you especially during the winter months when you will need it the most.

Shop Around

As with anything else, whatever system you decide to install, you will want to shop around extensively for a supplier and installer as well as a reputable supplier of your fuel. Make sure that you research each company and check out their online reputation which will help you to make your decision. If at all possible, you may wish to leave it until the summer before you replace your boiler as you may get a better price on installation as there is a higher demand during the winter months. Doing your homework will ensure that your home is nice and warm with plenty of hot water throughout the year!