How to Save Energy During the Winter Months

It is currently the most expensive time in history for gas in the UK. As a result, staying warm may become increasingly difficult. Listed below are some tips for saving energy this winter:

  • Consider a boiler service
  • Reduce appliance use
  • Keep water pipes warm

Keeping a boiler in good condition can reduce gas consumption and avoid shutdowns. You can also reduce the consumption of standby devices. Additionally, if you keep your pipes warm, your water will remain warmer for longer.

Get Your Boiler Checked

During the winter, you use your boiler more often. Regular maintenance is therefore necessary. In addition, a boiler repair may be needed when it stops working at the worst possible time. Therefore, a regular boiler service is essential. Furthermore, an old boiler is less efficient than a new boiler, using more energy. Make sure your boiler is in good condition by having it inspected regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Switch Off Unused Appliances

The easiest way to reduce your energy consumption is to turn off your appliances when they are not in use. Leaving them on standby is a significant source of phantom energy and isn’t efficient. In most cases, you can turn off electrical appliances at the plug without affecting their settings, reducing your energy bills. Just make sure you keep smart home devices on, so they continue to work.

Wrap Your Pipes with Insulation

If your home is not insulated, pipes, windows, and doors can lose heat. Your water heating costs can be reduced if you insulate your pipes. Insulate your pipes, and your hot water will stay hot longer. You can insulate your hot water tank, boiler, and pipes with foam insulation tubes.

Energy use is influenced by various factors, but these simple adjustments will save energy and money.

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