How often should gas boilers be serviced?

Gas boilers need to be serviced at least once per year. You need to have your gas boiler serviced correctly within the first twelve months of installation to maintain the original warranty, but an annual boiler service every year thereafter is good for both the household comfort and the home insurance that you have. It’s an opportunity for you to have a qualified, Gas Safe Registered engineer come to you once a year to ensure that your boiler isn’t falling apart.

If you are a landlord looking after another house, you need to think about staying on top of the boiler situation in the home. You want your tenants to be comfortable and you should think about the fact their heating will be safe and efficient – and yours! You should consider ensuring that your house boiler is also serviced every single year. Electric boilers don’t need the same level of servicing as gas boilers do, and it’s important that you still ensure that your electric boiler is serviced, too.

A boiler service has to be completed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer if you have a gas boiler, and when the engineer arrives to carry out a boiler service, you can then check their ID and ensure that they are able to deal with your boiler. Every 12 months ensures that you stay on top of your boiler warranty, your insurance and more. Installers often have free time in their calendar so you can keep booking a year in advance if you need to.

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